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The 5 Best Turntables

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The 5 Best Turntables

It is almost undeniable that vinyl has been back for quite some time and it is here to stay. Because of that, the number of people who have or consider having a turntable is not small. You could be looking for getting your first purchase or you can even replace your old one with a newer and better one, and still, you should always make a good choice. Just like any other object you can buy, you should be cautious how you spend your money. For example, make your buck worth its value and get the best one you can get. Also, if you like your sound smooth and flawless, you should make sure that you are getting a turntable from a good manufacturer with impeccable reputation. Of course, this basically means that even if it seems like it is just a turntable, it is still an object you should be careful when buying.

Moreover, it is important to have a lot of choices too. If you don’t know much about turntables but you value good sound, we suggest reading some more into the subject and trying to talk to some people who have their knowledge and experience too. This way, you minimize the chances of disappointing purchase and a bad sound when you want to relax.

This is because the market has a lot of turntables from different manufacturers to offer and if you are new to it, you might get lost in what is happening there and what you should know.

Lastly, if you value good music you should make sure that you get a turntable which will fit your needs, and for that, you will need to be cautious and patient when you are purchasing the turntable which fits your needs accordingly.

Best Turntables
Ion Max LP

Our Rating 99/100

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If you want to get an all-in-one turntable which offers the best built-in stereo speakers, the ION Audio Max LP is the best choice for you. You can connect it to a computer with a USB and you will be able to convert your records into digital files too. It looks classy and it works perfectly too.

Akai BT500

Our Rating 93/100

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If you want to stream music without cords to Bluetooth speakers, the Akai Pro BT500 is the choice for you. It looks very luxurious and it has controls with brushed aluminum finish. Besides this amazing feature, this one has a die-cast anti-resonance platter which will only be of benefit.

Lenco L85

Our Rating 88/100

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The Lenco L-85 is an excellent choice for those who want to easily record from vinyl to USB and for those who seek impeccable sound quality. The Lenco features a RCA output and a preamplifier integrated in the body which saves you a lot of money on buying an amplifier. You get all this in this amazingly designed turntable.

Marantz TT5005

Our Rating 84/100

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The Marantz TT5005 is a great choice of a turntable which has a built-in phono equalizer. It has a lot of amazing features and amongst them are of course the easy setup you will benefit from mostly, the switchable equalizer which can work with a large variety of receivers and amplifiers. Even the MM cartridge is pre-installed.

Teac TN-300
best turntables

Our Rating 79/100

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The Teac TN-300 turntable is what you are looking for when you want to get an analog one which has great features. One of the best things about it is the manual belt-drive turntable which supports 33/45 RPM and it is fascinating. Also, the USB output will be of use if you want to transfer music from the records to your PC.

Who could benefit from a turntable?
There are a lot of benefits you can get from a simple turntable compared to other things, and if you have intentions or if you are thinking about getting a turntable it is important to know how and why you will benefit from it. For example, it is well-known that the turntables offer lower speed deviation which basically translates to better speed consistency and accuracy. An additional benefit is the lower wow/flutter which basically means lesser sound wavering or flangering and it is great for those who value a smooth sound. Also, with a turntable you get a lower motor rumble or noise if we take into consideration the signal-to-noise ratio. Of course, this would mean that if you get a turntable which features a higher SnR you will get a lesser motor noise coming from the headphones or the speakers.

Another good thing coming from the turntables is the great tone arm. This, of course, means that you will be able to accommodate it with a larger variety of cartridges if they are compatible to each other. Otherwise, you would be getting resonance or noise.

When it comes to preventing resonance and interferences from outside into the tone arm, with a turntable you get a stronger plinth which surely does the job.

If we talk about who will get the best from the great advantages turntables have, it is almost anyone who values good sound. For example, any audiophile would be able to listen to their music without interuptions and flaws in the sound. The same of course goes for those who are into the music business. DJs, for example, will be able to get a great sound and they will be able to get the best out of any record. Also, everyone can benefit from the great features you can find on modern turntables like the pitch control slider, the 78RPM speed or the LED’s.

What should you check before you buy a turntable?
There are a lot of important things buyers should have in mind when they are purchasing a turntable, especially if they don’t have a lot of knowledge about them or if it is their first purchase. However, here are the most important things you should consider when you get your turntable.

The system
Based on what your circumstances are, you might want to remember that some turntables aren’t in compliance with your needs and some would require buying an amplifier and speakers if you want to produce music from a turntable. Of course, the market has an abundance of options and choices and these can be very confusing.

The space
It is very important to know where you will put your turntable before you purchase it. You need to know that you have the space to place your turntable because some of the best are often very large too. If you know that you don’t quite have the proper space, you should consider the luggable versions which can easily be removed when you finished playing them. Also, we suggest considering the vertically mounted turntables which make sure that the turntable footprint is more reduced.

Features and user-friendliness
You must know which features you are looking for in order to minimize the chances of disappointment. Nowadays, a lot of turntables on the market have everything they need for you to play vinyl records and you will be able to hear them good too. The electronics are hidden perfectly inside a single chassis and the only thing you need to do is to plug it in and turn it on. However, make sure that you get a higher sound quality too because although these are very convenient they can lack sound quality.

A turntable is always a great choice for those who have the need for an impeccable sound and like to enjoy their music the old-fashioned way. However, don’t be deceived by the phrase old-fashioned because the turntables of today are far from old and lacking quality. In fact, today you can find the sound quality of an old turntable with some great features that only improve the quality of the sound and the over-all experience. So, if you are an audiophile and you like your music smooth and nice, we suggest considering a turntable for your next purchase. Although they are seen as vintage, you can find some modern ones too which can perfectly fit into any interior design of a home and they will make sure that your home is a lot cozier too.

Lastly, we suggest having a good read and being well-informed if you purchase your first turntables because there are a lot of things which can improve the over-all experience, these things if not considered can lead do a disappointing experience and they might result in a bad purchase too. So, find the best turntable for your specific needs and play on, with enough information – you won’t regret it.

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