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TEAC TN-300 Review

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TEAC TN-300 Review – A Sleek, High-Quality Turntable For Music Lovers

Ever since the model came out on the market, the TN-300 from Teac has slowly moved towards becoming synonymous with the concept of ultra-high quality. This is partially due to the beautiful design of the system, and partially as a result of the many features that the manufacturer has chosen to integrate into it.

The turntable supports both 33 and 45 RPM and features a manual belt-drive.


A true functional display piece

The TN-300 comes in Black, Cherry, Natural, and Red. All the colors look great, turning the system into more of a display piece than a turntable. This having been said, this model does come with a large number of features that turn it into a product that can last for decades, such as the gold plated terminals that have been designed to prevent oxidation.

Integrated phono amplifier

While far from being the cheapest model on the market, then TN-300 does offer a lot of bang for the buck. For example, it comes with an integrated phono amplifier that will ensure the fact that the sound will always be crystal-clear and that an external amp is not required.


  • Size – the turntable measures 13.4 x 16.5 x 7.1 inches and weighs 11 pounds, making it great for living rooms of any size;
  • Multiple colors – The TN-300 comes in four distinct colors giving potential buyers the ability to match the system to their already owned furniture;
  • Integrated amplifier – The integrated amplifier ensures that the records will always sound clear and crisp;
  • USB Port – The model features a USB port that can be used to transfer the tracks read from records to a PC or Mac, enabling the owner to backup their vinyl collection in a virtual library;
  • High-quality cartridge – The turntable comes with an AT95E VM cartridge, which enables the owner to start listening to music after only a short installation process. The cartridge is designed for high accuracy, especially when paired with the aluminum die-cast quality platter that the system features;
  • Gold-plated RCA ports – The RCA connectors have been gold-plated in order to ensure maximum conductivity and that the sounds will always be clear and dynamic;
  • Classical design – The platter is controlled by a high-power DC motor that has been designed to produce a stable rotation;


  • Backup possibilities – A USB port is a feature that some more affordable models come with, however, those usually only support thumb drives. The TM-300 allows the owner to connect his computer directly to the turntable and digitally back up their record collection, bypassing the need to use a USB Memory Stick as a transfer medium;
  • Elegant design – The turntable’s design is sleek and it can easily fit in a modern living room, as well as in an elegant office. The colors that the TN-300 comes in turn it into a true functional display piece;
  • Integrated phono amplifier – Most systems in this price range do not come with any kind of amplification, requiring that the owner buy and connect an external one in order to produce high-quality sound. The fact that the TN-300 comes with one built-in means that you can save the money that you would have to spend on additional equipment;
  • Easy set-up process – The system can be set up in a matter of minutes. The manual is clear in its explanation of how to set up both the counterbalance as well as the anti-skating system;
  • Rubber feet – Some turntables can vibrate pretty badly, however, the rubber feet of the TN-300 prevent this from happening;


  • Fully manual mechanism – Somewhat of a disadvantage is the fact that the turntable is fully manual. This means that every time you want to play a record you have to move the tonearm over the disc. Also, every time a record finishes playing, you will have to manually move the arm back to its original position;
  • Port position – Some may dislike the fact that all the ports are positioned on the front side of the turntable, which means that all wires that are connected to the system will be clearly visible;
  • No auxiliary port – Does not have a port that can be used to connect a headset;


The TN-300 turntable from Teac is more than a simple system made to play records; it is a functional display piece that can easily fit into any and every aesthetic. The material used in the system’s design are high quality, as are the production methods.

This having been said, this model is mid-range in terms of cost, however, it does offer a lot of value for what it is worth. One of the best features of the system is the USB port that can be used in order to link the system to a computer. Vinyl degrades over time, and the ability to transfer the tracks stored on it onto a computer can be invaluable to anyone looking to preserve their favorite music collection.


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