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Stanton T92USB Review

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Stanton T92USB Review – A High-Quality Turntable For Both Amateur And Professional DJs

The T92USB from Stanton is more than a turntable to be used by people who want to listen to their vinyl collection. This model is one of the better DJ turntables on the market, featuring a large number of technologies that improve the sound of the system and provide a large degree of connectivity.

Designed for durability

Intended to be used by DJs, the T92USB has been built using highly durable materials and advanced manufacturing technologies. If used properly, the turntable can last for a very long time.


  • Size – the T92USB measures 20.5 x 7.3 x 17.4 inches and weighs 22.4 pounds. The increase weight enables the turntable to be perfectly stable while it is in use;
  • S/ PDIF and USB ports – The USB and S/PDIF ports make it easy for the owner to connect the turntable to a PC or Mac in order to transfer tracks from vinyl to a digital library;
  • Powerful motor – A DJ turntable needs a strong motor. The T92USB features a high-torque motor that has been built to cater to the needs of both professional DJ’s, as well as audiophiles who intend to use the system to listen to their record collection;
  • High-quality cartridge – The turntable comes with a high-quality Stanton 500.v3 that is already mounted on the tonearm. The cartridge ensures that every song is crystal clear and that the sound is both deep and dynamic;
  • Tonearm designed for professional use – The tonearm is S-shaped in order to reduce distortion and to ensure that the fidelity of the sound is as high as possible;
  • 3 Playback Speeds – The Stanton T92USB is capable of playing records at 33, 45, and 78 RPM, and also comes with Quartz Lock
  • RCA Stereo ports – The turntable features RCA stereo ports enabling the user to connect it to an audio system;
  • Pitch Control Fader and DSP Key Lock – The model has a pitch control fader that enables the user to modify the pitch, and a DSP Key Lock that enables the changing of tempo while preserving the pitch of the music;
  • Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator LE Software – The turntable comes with all the software needed to transfer and modify audio files;


  • USB Connection to PC – Most turntables that come with USB ports only support USB thumb drives, while the T92USB also has the ability to connect to a computer. The owner can then transfer music tracks from the record to his virtual library, essentially backing up the data;
  • Durable build and quality parts – The T92USB has been built for heavy use in professional situations such as in clubs and at parties. The system can function for a long time in these conditions, however, its lifespan grows considerably if it is used only to listen to records;
  • Accessories included – Everything from USB and RCA cables to the cartridge is included in the package, enabling the owner to simply install the turntable, connect it to the home sound system and start listening to music;


  • Heavy – The intended purpose of this system also makes it considerably heavier than others. While this is not an issue in itself it does mean that it can be difficult to move around the home in case this is ever needed;


The T92USB from Stanton is truly a professional turntable. However, this does not mean that it cannot also function beautifully as a system used solely for listening records. The turntable produces crystal clear sound and can be an interesting choice for anyone looking to get into the DJ profession.


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