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Skar Audio LP-1000 Review

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Skar Audio Review LP-1000

If you want to enhance your car’s sound system, it’s important that you get the right amp. The amp you purchase will make all the difference when it comes to not just the volume but the quality of the sound. This skar audio review will provide you with the details you need to make a decision on the best amp for your car. The more time you spend gathering this type of information, the closer you will come to selecting an amp that will match all of your needs.


There are a number of great features that this car amp has to offer, including its soft turn on circuit and MOSFET power supply, which is incredibly powerful. The subsonic filter that this amp offers will ensure that you only get a crisp and clear sound when listening to music in your car. The bass boost feature is great for those who really like a thumping bass sound when listening to music in their car, and it has some pretty impressive capabilities for such a cheap amp.

The remote subwoofer level controller is something else that you definitely will not get with just any car amp, and it’s a huge convenience for any user. If you want complete control over the level of the subwoofer at all times, you will certainly be happy for this feature.

The various adjustment controls that the LP-1000 offers are all very practical and useful for the average user. There aren’t many other car amps out there right now that offer the same level of control over sound that this one does. The built-in low pass filter is one aspect of the adjustable controls that you will be sure to notice and appreciate right off the bat. This filter is largely responsible for the incredible sound that this amp is capable of generating.

Skar Audio Features


The Skar Audio LP-1000 is a MOSFET monoblock power amplifier, and it comes with a remote that will allow you to control the subwoofer level from the driver’s seat for your convenience. This is definitely something worth taking note of, as a lot of these kinds of car amps do not come with such a remote.

This amp has a max power of 2,000 watts through one channel and 1 Ohm. It has a RMS power of 1,000 watts and a bass boost at 45 Hz with a range of 0-15dB, which is fairly impressive. These definitely aren’t the best specs ever, but they are still certainly noteworthy. The sheer power of this car amp is really impressive and definitely one of the best things about its design. When you are looking for a good amp to put in your car, power is going to be among the more important factors to look at.

The fact that this car amp is tri-mode capable or bridgeable is also really nice, and something that you should get quite a lot of use out of over the years. It has a built-in low pass filter with a range of 50-250Hz as well as a subsonic filter for a nice clear and crisp sound.

When you start listening to music through this car amp, you will instantly discover that it was built for clarity. When you are blasting the tunes while riding in your car, you will definitely be glad for the crispness of the sound.

Another great thing about the design of this amp is that it is very compact, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space in your car. This is actually probably one of the smaller amps on the market in relation to its power, which is fairly impressive all by itself.

About the Company

Skar Audio was founded back in 2012, and it quickly made a name for itself in the world of audio equipment. It has manufactured a number of car amps and other products over the years. They are well-known for using top quality components and materials to make their audio equipment, which is why so many of their products are so highly rated in general.

This company is based in Tampa, Florida, and they have a huge headquarters with testing and production facilities. While it’s true that this is a fairly new audio equipment company, it is still one of the best in the world. The amplifiers and subwoofers that this company makes are among the very best on the market in terms of their overall quality and durability.

You will also be able to purchase a number of accessories from this company, including replacement bass knobs, clothing, decals for your car, wristbands, keychains and more. The equipment that Skar Audio makes are known for its sheer power and numerous adjustment controls that allow the user to customize the sound of the music they listen to.

If you are currently trying to create the ultimate sound system in your vehicle, Skar Audio is definitely one of the first companies that you should take a look at because of the wide variety of high-quality products they manufacture. There are lots of different amplifiers and subwoofers to choose from. You can purchase amp wiring kits as well as recone kits from this company as well.

No matter what kind of audio equipment you need for your car, chances are that Skar Audio will have it. They also have some of the most reasonable prices for this sort of equipment on the market today.

Skar Audio LP-1000

Benefits of Buying the Skar Audio LP-1000

The power of the LP-100 is definitely one of its selling points. The subsonic filter and wide bass boost range are two other things that are worth taking into consideration when deciding whether or not to buy this amp. There are many different adjustable controls that you will be able to use with this car amp, which will allow you to achieve the exact kind of sound you want. If you are very picky about how the music in your car sounds, this amp should be able to accommodate your needs fairly well.

This amp is made from sturdy high-quality materials, so you can count on it to last a long time. It produces a very clear and crisp sound that should satisfy your needs, and the frequency range is pretty impressive. Depending on the music you are listening to, you shouldn’t have to deal with any distortion or impurities in the sound. You shouldn’t have to make too many adjustments to get this amp in right place for the best possible sound, which is also nice and convenient.

Drawbacks of Buying the Skar Audio LP-1000

One of the major drawbacks of this car amp is the fact that is does tend to warm up fairly quickly, and there is no feature to prevent it from damaging itself. You can actually injure yourself by touching this amp if it is too warm, so you’ll need to keep that in mind if you do buy it. While the chances of it being significantly damaged from overheating are fairly slim, it is still a possibility.

Who Should Buy the Skar Audio LP-1000?

Anyone who values the ability to control the sound of the music in their car should think seriously about getting this car amp. There aren’t very many other car amps that will provide you with the same kind of control over the sound of your music like this one because of all its adjustment options. Those who want to customize their sound as much as possible will find that this amp is an excellent overall choice. People who are on a budget and cannot afford to spend a ton of money should also consider this amp.

Skar Audio

Customer Skar Audio Review

This car amp has a huge number of positive reviews and very few negative ones, which is incredibly encouraging. Most people who review this amp talk about how easy it was to install as well as the many different adjustments that can be made to alter the overall sound. Many people who write these reviews also comment on the power of the amp, which is quite impressive. People also tend to comment on the crispness and clarity of the sound. One of the more common things that are said about this amp is that it’s a great deal for the price.


The Skar Audio LP-1000 is a nice car amp with lots of power and adjustment options that will allow you to achieve the exact kind of sound you want when you are cruising along in your car. There aren’t a lot of other amps that offer the same kind of customization options as this one for the same price, so it’s a great overall deal. If you are shopping for a new car amp on a budget and want to get as much bang for your buck as possible, this is certainly one option that you will want to keep in mind. The low price, sturdy construction and myriad of features make this amp a great deal.

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