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Marantz TT5005 Review

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Marantz TT5005 Review – A Great, Basic Turntable With A Built-In Phono Equalizer

Not everyone is looking for a state of the art piece of equipment. Some may simply want to find a basic, reliable turntable that they can use in order to play their record collection. The TT5005 manufactured my Marantz is just that; it is a simple model that can be set up in a matter of minutes and can work beautifully for a long period of time, provided that it is properly maintained.

The affordable model for casual users

This is by no means a feature-filled system. It comes only with what it needs in order to do its job. No USB interface, no integrated amplifier. However, it is also extremely affordable and durable. With few things to break, the chance that something will fail is minimal.

The TT5005 may not be great for those passionate about their vinyl collection, however, it is perfect for anyone looking to listen to a record every once in a while, or who have old records and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a turntable.


  • Easy installation – The system comes with everything it needs in order to play records, and the setup process only takes a few minutes;
  • Phono Equalizer – The Phono equalizer built into the turntable works great with any amplifier or receiver;
  • MM Cartridge – The TT5005 comes with a preinstalled MM Cartridge to owners will not have to buy one from other sources;
  • Automatic – The turntable features an automatic start-and-stop system that handles the movement of the tonearm. This system also prevents cases in which the owner could accidentally scratch the record when moving the tone arm;
  • Rigid die-cast aluminum platter – The platter has been designed and manufactured to create a uniform inertial mass, ensuring that any record placed on top of it is perfectly stable and that its rotation is consistent.


  • Affordable – The lack of features of this model may not appeal to some, however, fewer technologies packed into the turntable means that the manufacturers have managed to keep its price as low as possible;
  • Easy to set up – The turntable can be used right out of the box due to the fact that its installation only takes a couple of minutes;
  • Phono Equalizer – The built-in phono equalizer is a nice addition to an otherwise feature-free model. It is also important to keep in mind that the equalizer works with pretty much any end every kind of amplifier or receiver;
  • Clear sound – The platter of the turntable does an awesome job of keeping the record steady and ensuring that the music is clear, without any distortions or track skips. The rigid platter also plays an important part in preventing the records being accidentally scratched if anyone ever bumps into the system;


  • Not for music aficionados – While the turntable is great for anyone who just wants one in their home, in case they ever need or want to listen to some records, it is far from ideal for those looking to get a high-quality system that will produce perfect sound without an amplifier;
  • No speakers – Most turntables have integrated speakers and this is where the TT5005 falls short. It does come with everything that the system itself needs in order to function, however, external speakers will have to be connected in order to play music;
  • No USB interface or auxiliary audio port – The lack of a USB interface may not be extremely important to some, however, the lack of an auxiliary audio port is disadvantageous due to the fact that there is no way to plug in a headset into the turntable and listen to music privately


This is a great turntable for those who have never owned one in the past or are just now starting to build their record collection. The system plays music beautifully, however, it does lack some of the features that those more passionate about this medium may want.

It is also important to keep in mind that the turntable does not come with integrated speakers, so you will need a pair of speakers for it, or to connect it to the home sound system in order to listen to your records.


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