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Lenco L-85 Review

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Lenco L-85 Review – A 33 & 45 RPM Semi-Automatic Belt Drive That Comes With An Integrated Preamplifier

The L-85 from Lenco is a system that can definitely go head-to-head with more expensive, premium models. The turntable’s design may not be great, however, the L-85 does make up by having a lot of features and functionality, especially for a mid-level product.

No amp required

Most turntables and other sound systems will work without an amplifier, however, they will not sound nearly as good as when they are connected to one. Amplifiers help these devices reach their true potential in terms of clarity of sound and power. Unfortunately, they are also relatively expensive and having to buy one means that you will also have to fit it into your living room.

This is where the L-85 shines, due to its integrated preamplifier. The turntable will always sound good even if directly connected to a speaker system.


  • Size – The l-85 turntable from Lenco measures 36.2 x 42 x 11.8 cm and weighs 2.5 kg. While it is not the lightest or the smallest system of its kind, it is by no means cumbersome, especially when considering the number of features it comes with;
  • USB backup – The turntable comes with an USB port that allows the owner to record or backup vinyl records to be played later on either PC or Mac;
  • Jewel-case design dust cover – The dust cover protects the turntable without hiding any of its main components, making it great for those who want to put the system on display;
  • 33 and 45 RPM – The L-85 can play records at both 33 and 45 RPM with perfect clarity and without skyping tracks or scratching the vinyl;
  • Many choices in terms of color – The turntable comes in Black, Black Ash, Red, Grey, Green, White, Yellow, and Wood, allowing the owner to choose the color that best fits the décor of his or her living room;
  • RCA Connections with cables – The turntable features RCA ports that allow the owner to connect the system to a home sound system. The package also includes the RCA cables required for this connection;
  • Stereo Preamplifier – The integrated preamplifier allows the system to produce great sound without the need to connect it to an external amplifier, effectively enabling it to work right out of the box without the need to purchase additional equipment;
  • Moving Magnetic Cartridge – The MMC enables the system to produce crystal-clear sound regardless of RPM;


  • USB port functionality – Having a huge vinyl collection is great, however, records are quite fragile and can scratch if not handled properly. The L-85’s USB port enables the owner to transfer entire records on USB, either to listen on a laptop or in a car, or to preserve the music as a digital backup;
  • Lots of choice – The model may not look great in terms of design and angles, however, it comes in a large number of colors and this can give those interested in purchasing one a lot of choice. The multitude of colors makes it easy to find one that will fit in a certain aesthetic or to color match it to other furniture;


  • No auxiliary audio port for speakers – While the turntable can be easily connected to a home sound system, it does not have an auxiliary audio port to enable owners to plug-in a pair of headsets for a private listening session;
  • No computer link – The USB on the front of the turntable can only be used in order to connect a thumb drive in order to back up music. Unfortunately, there is no way to connect a computer to it in order to transfer files directly. This may not be a deal breaker, however, it does make backing up your record collection more time consuming due to the fact that you will have to use the thumbstick as a transfer medium;


Not the best and not the worst. The L-85 does not have stellar features, but it does have all the ones that one would expect from a modern turntable. The variety of colors offered by the manufacturers is great for those who are looking to match it to their living room furniture.


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