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ADAM A5X Studio Monitor Review

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ADAM A5X Studio Monitor Review

ADAM speakers definitely have a reputation for being a cut above the rest. These studio monitors are a favorite among recording artists, and for good reason. These speakers really are a great choice for professionals, and the A5X in particular is a very popular model. If you want speakers that you can depend on to provide you with excellent sound quality on a consistent basis, these are a great option to look into. This ADAM A5X review will give you the details necessary for deciding whether or not these speakers are right for you.


There haven’t been a ton of changes made to the AX model speakers, but this one is definitely still worth taking a very close look at. These speakers basically have the same aesthetics as the older models, with a black matte finish that looks rather nice. The overall build quality of these speakers is extremely impressive, so you can count on them to really stand the test of time. If you are looking for a very durable pair of speakers to put in your home studio, these are definitely a good option to say the least.

The 5.5” bass/midrange woofer is capable of working below 2.5kHz, which is fairly impressive in and of itself. The 1.5” voice coil and 50 watt PWM amplifier make these speakers very powerful to say the least. These speakers have acoustic qualities that will provide you with incredible results and precise feedback when even the slightest change is made in your mix.

On the front of these speakers you will find dual ports for low frequency response that goes all the way down to 50Hz. On the front of these speakers there are gain and power controls. The rear panel offers tweeter gain control along with balanced XLR jacks and unbalanced RCA jacks. There are two M6 metric strew threads in these speakers that can be used for mounting on a wall or stand. If you are planning on using these speakers in the studio, you will definitely want to think about mounting them.

The PWM or Pulse Width Modulation, which is also called Class D amplification, also plays an important role in the quality of sound that these speakers are capable of generating. This technology turns incoming signals into a number of rectangle-shaped waveforms that are all uniform height. The waveform can be amplified in a more direct way that is a lot easier and straightforward.

One thing about the A5X’s design that is different from some of the older models in this series is that it’s a bit smaller. The compact design of these monitors is just one of the things that a lot of people like about them, especially those who are working in tight spaces.


One of the best features that the A5X has to offer is Stereolink. This is a feature that comes with all of the AX model speakers, and it is one that can be extremely useful. This particular feature is possible because of the extra RCA connections that let the second stereo channel be bypassed. You will be able to change the overall volume of the system through the gain control of either speaker. If you ever need to adjust the system volume quickly and easily, you will definitely be glad for this feature because of how convenient it is.

The X-ART (eXtended Accelerating Ribbon Technology) that the tweeters in these speakers use makes them truly unique. While it’s true that air motion transformers are nothing new, these speakers put a whole new spin on it. The materials that make up these speakers make them able to achieve a whole new level of sound accuracy and clarity. The X-ART membrane is made up of a pleated diaphragm with folds that expand or compress depending on the signal that is used. This is the main reason why these speakers are held in such high regard among audiophiles.

ADAM A5X speakers


The ADAM A5X speakers perform exceptionally well overall, and they retain the same incredible clarity even at higher volumes. The clarity of sound through most speakers drops off in a very noticeable way as the volume increases, but that isn’t the case with these at all. The low end is very tight and solid, and the high end is extremely clean. The mid-range is quite complex with many details. You will find that the stereo imaging is incredibly accurate and precise, which is something a lot of people like about these speakers.

When you start to use the A5X speakers, it won’t take long before you see just how versatile they are. We tested these speakers out with many different types of music and sounds, and they performed pretty much perfectly every time. They could handle bass a bit better, but it’s not something that will be super noticeable to most people.

With a response range of 50Hz to 50kHz, it is no wonder that so many people are purchasing these speakers for studio use. The response that you will get from these speakers can be somewhat flat and transparent, though it all depends on your overall configuration.

Benefits of Buying the ADAM A5X

One of the best things about buying the ADAM A5X is the fact that you will get a clear and consistent sound that it perfect for studio use. These speakers are incredibly versatile, and they use some very sophisticated technology to achieve unprecedented results in terms of overall sound quality.

These speakers are very durable and sturdy, as they are made from very high-quality materials. This means that you won’t need to worry about having to deal with replacing the speakers you get in a matter of months after buying them. The design of these speakers prevents the kind of distortion and breakup that is unfortunately so common with models from other companies on the market.

Another great thing about the A5X speakers is that they handle the whole frequency spectrum well, from the low to mid-range to high ends. The sheer versatility of these speakers is a big reason why so many people have started buying them up. No matter what kind of music you play, you shouldn’t have any problems with these speakers.

The compact size of these monitors is also a huge benefit, especially for those who have a small studio space. If you don’t have a lot of room to work with, you will certainly be happy for the small size of these monitors. These can make for some great desktop speakers, but they are also right at home in a studio.

Drawbacks of Buying the ADAM A5X

You won’t find a ton of drawbacks to buying these studio monitors, but there are a couple of things that are worth taking note of. There is the fact that these speakers don’t always do incredibly well with bass, but it’s not so noticeable as to be a deal breaker for most people. The bass could be a lot fuller with these speakers, though we have definitely seen a lot worse. Those who are looking for a ton of new features or significantly improved design from the previous AX models won’t really find a lot new with these speakers.

Customer ADAM A5X Review

The customer reviews for the ADAM A5X studio monitors are overwhelmingly positive. There aren’t many people who have any negative things to say about these speakers. A lot of people who review these speakers mention their versatility and power as their best points. There is also quite a bit of discussion about the unique X-ART technology, which is a big reason that these speakers are so innovative and unique. Most people seem to agree that these speakers are a great overall investment for studio use.

Who Should Buy the ADAM A5X?

Anyone who is on a budget but still wants to get high-quality studio monitors should consider the A5X as an option. These speakers have a very versatile design, so they are appropriate for most people, including those with a home studio. If you are planning on recording in a studio environment, you will find that these speakers will most likely be more than adequate. The unique technology behind the A5X monitors makes them particularly well-suited for professional use. These are high-end speakers that are perfect for most people who record music in a studio, though you will still want to consider your own individual needs before making a decision.


Overall, the ADAM A5X offer an excellent deal, especially for the price. If you are on a tight budget and want to get some quality speakers for less, this is an option that you will definitely want to keep in mind. The versatility and power of these monitors make them an incredibly good investment if you have a home studio that you are trying to set up. These speakers can provide you with the dynamic, clear and accurate sound you need when you are recording music professionally.

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