Best Turntables

Great Turntables That Make Listening To Records Truly Special

Most people who have vinyl collections will say that the music played from records seems to sound deeper, more natural than the one stored digitally. Vinyl records have been around for a long time, and so have turntables.

What has changed, however, is the technology that manufacturers are able to integrate into these systems in order to have them produce sound with more depth and clarity than ever before. Manufacturers that build and sell modern turntables are constantly blurring the line between the vinyl medium and digitally stored information, enabling owners to connect the systems to their computers and transfer music to their digital library.


7.1 Pounds
17 x 14 x 6.2 inch
4 Star Rating


10.5 Pounds
17.9 x 16 x 8 inch
4.3 Star Rating


12 Pounds
15 x 17 x 4.8 inch
3.9 Star Rating


14 Pounds
13 x 16.5 x 5 inch
4.4 Star Rating


16 Pounds
8 x 18 x 20 inch
3.8 Star Rating

There are thousands of manufacturers and each one of them puts at least a couple of products on the market, every few years. This can make choosing a good piece of equipment difficult, especially when considering the various new gimmicks that some companies integrate into their products.

Some of the technologies that are being put into turntables cater to professionals such as DJs, while others are meant to enhance the listening experience of audiophiles.

How to choose great equipment

This having been said, it is important to make an informed decision when looking to buy a new turntable. Luckily there are a couple of easy steps that can be taken in order to ensure that you buy the product that best suits your needs.

  • Consider how much you would use it – If you do not have an extensive vinyl collection, you may not need an expensive model that comes with advanced features. There are systems such as the DP-29F from Denon that can play records perfectly, without carrying a high price tag;
  • Look at the equipment that you already have – It is important to think about how the turntable would fit into the system and audio equipment that you already have. Best turntables need to be connected to a sound system and an amplifier in order to properly play records. On the other hand, there are models like the Audio Max LP from ION that feature built-in speakers and amplifiers, making them ideal for anyone who does not already have a home sound system;
  • Think about where you want to put it – As funny as it may sound, the placement of the turntable should also be a small factor when it comes to what model you buy. Some products only come in one color, while other like the L-85 from Lenco come in 8.
  • Decide what features you want – Manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to refine existing features as well as new technologies to integrate into new models. These features also affect the price, so it is important to establish which ones are important for you. Some turntables like the Teac TN-300 come with USB ports that enable owners to back up their vinyl collection to their computers or to copy tracks to USB drives so that they can listen to the music using other devices;
  • Establish a budget – The prices for turntables vary from one manufacturer to another and are strongly influenced by the features that the systems have. Naturally, if you don’t want advanced features like the ability to connect the turntable to a computer, the price will be lower.

These aspects should be considered at the same time. While it really is impossible to determine exactly what model will best suit your needs, it should be easy to get an idea of what choices you have.

Something for Everyone

Turntables like the TT5005 from Marantz cater to people who have older or more basic audio equipment and who would rather not have to buy a new one. The TT5005 comes with a built-in Phono Equalizer, enabling owners to connect it to amplifiers that do not have equalizers.

The models differ from one manufacturer to another, and there are enough variations to satisfy even the pickiest audiophiles. Even the most basic turntable still comes with a couple of high-end features that have been designed to enhance the experience of the owner.

Professional Equipment for Career DJs

Turntable manufacturers have also looked at how they can satisfy individuals that need the systems for purposes other than listening to their record collection. There are quite a few turntable models that have been designed to cater to the needs of DJs, one great example being the Stanton T92USB.

These models that are intended for professional use are far more durable than regular ones and can be considered true works of engineering. Everything about them is measured and every aspect is controlled in order to guarantee that the sound that they produce is perfect

This having been said, there is nothing preventing an audiophile that wants to listen to his records from buying one of these advanced systems. Regardless of how they are used, they remain remarkable turntables.